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“The three things I would like to say about my coach are: knowledgeable; knows the insight of a person; engaging and warm.

I used to feel shy about talking in a public forum, but after working with Adam, I have gained confidence and no longer feel the resistance to express my views professionally.”

Dr MM, Attending Internal Medicine Physician, Leadership Client, USA

“Thank you for this really helpful session. I was really encouraged by your supportive and empathetic style, as well as the fact that you brought yourself wholeheartedly to the coaching session. I would definitely recommend your service to any physician leaders in a similar position to myself.”

Mrs MM, Consultant ENT Surgeon, UK

“Adam is a fantastic coach who really invests and develops you. He is generous with his time and goes the extra mile. His approach is friendly yet professional and he has a wealth of knowledge. A great coach who I cannot recommend highly enough, particularly for physicians 10/10.”

Dr JF, Mental Health and Wellbeing Specialist, UK

“Dr Harrison is an approachable, down-to-earth, and motivating coach who personalized his coaching to me, my goals, and my struggles. He is very adept at navigating physician burnout, and I highly recommend anyone to him for their professional coaching needs!”

Dr MF, Attending Orthopaedic Surgeon, USA

“Adam is an incredibly grounded astute and kind coach. The gains I made in personal and professional pursuits that were uncertain at the time of first contact with Adam, surpassed my expectations, and the momentum of this continues.

I would wholeheartedly recommend his service to any healthcare professional requiring support and seeking direction in their lives.”

Dr JC, Family Doctor and Board-Certified Lifestyle Physician, Australia

“Adam is an experienced clinician and great career coach. He was very understanding of my career progression concerns. He gave gently structured, informed advice and worked with me to develop step-wise strategies which really helped me to move forward in my career. Thanks Adam!”

Dr JW, Physician, Medical Educator and Medical Writer, UK

"I have been working with Dr Harrison since June 2020, he was introduced as part of a fellowship programme organised by ‘The Joyful Doctor’. Adam has acted in a coaching/mentorship role. He is professional and client-centred in his approach, utilising his own personal and professional experience.

His sessions have been stimulating and targeted in supporting career development. He has worked hard to understand the current difficulties faced and has suggested realistic evidence-based interventions. He has a broad knowledge of his field and is able to share his enthusiasm for this. His feedback has been timely and supportive. It has been a pleasure to work with Dr Harrison and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others in medical professions."

Dr OW, Speciality Doctor in Mental Health, UK

"Adam is a great communicator and has a multitude of talents. He has a strong moral compass and is passionate in his role of teacher, coach and mentor. I always leave feeling inspired and upbeat after a meeting with him."

Dr CV, Family Physician and Medical Leader, UK

“Working with Adam has been an absolute pleasure. He has brought considerable value and expertise to Smart About Health and is in a unique position as an experienced clinician, trained barrister and coach. He is extremely reliable and diligent, and I look forward to our ongoing working relationship.”

Dr LD, Family Doctor and Founder of 'Smart About Health', UK

"Excellent course. All leadership teams should have access to this valuable workshop to support their staff, team and culture."

Clinical Lead for Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctors, Cambridgeshire, commenting on 'How can medical leaders support their colleagues who are experiencing workplace bullying?' workshop, Nov 2021.

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