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Confidence. Mindset. Leadership.

Physician, Lawyer and Leadership Coach with personal experience of workplace bullying, working to make leaders kinder and create psychologically safer workplace cultures for everyone.

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About you

Are you a doctor / other professional who is

  • Feeling burnt out?

  • Being bullied at work?

  • Lacking self-confidence?

  • Thinking of a career change?

Are you a leader in an organisation who

  • Feels underprepared for your role?

  • Finds your workplace culture challenging?

  • Would like to learn more about kinder ways to lead?

Are you an organisation that

  • Struggles to retain its staff?

  • Has a high staff sick leave rate?

  • Has a problem with alleged bullying by certain members of its leadership team?

Then I can definitely help you! Click below to book a free rapport call or even a paid session with me...

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Why choose me to be your coach?

1. I’m a doctor, a lawyer and a coach
2. I have burnt out at least twice
3. I have been bullied at work multiple times

4. I have held multiple leadership roles
5. I have changed career several times

A bit more about me...

I am a Family Physician, medical educator, qualified lawyer, ex-medical director and now full-time certified life, leadership, executive and medical career coach who, because of my personal experiences, specialises in life, mindset and confidence, workplace bullying, leadership and career coaching and mentoring of doctors of all ages, grades and specialties.

I strongly believe in doing work aligned with my core values (honesty, justice, gratitude, love and humour) and I believe that shines through in my work. It is extremely important to me that I provide value to my clients.

I am a fan of social media, hanging out on LinkedIn (as 'Dr Adam Harrison'), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube (I have my own channel for which I create content) and Clubhouse, where I have co-founded a club (see below for all my links).

I am also a budding podcaster (by mid-2022 hopefully) and future author of a book on how those who have experienced workplace bullying can change their mindset and regain and reinforce their confidence so they can stop dreading and start enjoying and thriving at work.

Most importantly though, I am a husband and father of two amazing girls who changed my career trajectory to help me better work towards achieving that often elusive work-life balance.

Of note, I am working towards my International Coach Federation accreditation and already adhere to its code of ethics and professionalism for coaches.

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