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A selection of my institutional clients:

Wild Monday Resilience / Nottinghamshire Local Medical Committee Phoenix Programme

'How to Take Control of Your Time' using The Shapes Toolkit, March 2022.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Supporting postgraduate medical trainees returning to training after a period of time out (especially wrt their confidence and mindset), February 2022 onwards.

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust

Facilitation of 'Time to Pause' rooms for the hospital's clinicians, providing them a safe space to reflect on challenges and associated learning, Jan-Feb 2022.

Cambridgeshire Community NHS Trust

'How can medical leaders support their colleagues who are experiencing workplace bullying?', workshop Nov 2021.

NHS Practitioner Health (PH)

'Taking calls from victims of workplace bullying - What can PH clinicians do?', webinar Sept 2021.

The Joyful Doctor / Tees, Esk and Wear Valley NHS Trust

'How to be a Joyful Doctor', Psychiatry Wellbeing Symposium, September 2021.

Smart About Health / Clifford Chance LLP

'Returning to the communal office after lockdown – how managers can frame conversations with anxious colleagues', webinars July-Aug 2021.

Derby GP Vocational Training Scheme

'Assertiveness for professionals - what, why, when and how?', webinar June 2021.

NHS Practitioner Health

'Bullying and Harassment in Healthcare Organisations', webinar May 2021 (during Mental Health Awareness week).

Coaching for Institutions / Duly Health and Care / Providence Health and Services (USA)

Duly H&C Resilience Coaching Program - coach for individual physicians.
Duly H&C Leadership Coaching Program - coach for individual physician leaders, current.
Providence H&S Resilience Coaching Program - individual and group coach for physicians, current.

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