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1-2-1 Coaching for doctors and other professionals:

  • Needing help with a negative mindset / limiting beliefs

  • Lacking confidence

  • Feeling that they are conflict averse or lacking assertiveness

  • Experiencing Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination, overwhelm or comparisonitis

  • Burning or already burnt out

  • Suffering the effects of toxic leadership and/or bullying

  • Thinking of partially or fully transitioning out of their profession

  • Needing help with their study skills and/or time management

  • Going through professional disciplinary processes

  • Wanting to improve their wellness and learn wellbeing techniques

Please reach out to me using the button below for a free 30-minute 'Rapport Call' to see if we're a good fit:

Person Participating in Video Call

Group Coaching

I am currently creating a group program to help physicians who have experienced workplace bullying, resolve their negative mindset issues and regain and reinforce their confidence.

Please see the 'Workplace Bullying Coaching' section for more information.

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