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Are you a physician or other professional who feels worthless, powerless or even fearful at work?
I can help you get your confidence back, enjoy work again and even thrive.

Are you a leader who feels they are lacking leadership skills and wants to have a stronger bond with their
team and a better-performing department?

I can help you become a kinder leader whose team performs better.

Are you an organisation with poor employee engagement, low staff retention levels, an inability to attract
high-quality candidates and a reputation for having an unkind workplace culture?

I can help you develop a kinder workplace culture and achieve subsequent improvements in outcomes.



Dr Adam Harrison

Doctor. Lawyer. Coach.

Thank you for stopping by and spending some of your valuable time perusing my website - I know how busy you are, so I appreciate it 🙏🏼


I'm an international physician-leadership coach who, as a result of my personal experiences, specialises in confidence and mindset coaching for physicians and other professionals who have been on the receiving end of workplace bullying.


As an ex-medical director, I also work with medical leaders on developing kind leadership cultures based on the compassionate, servant and inclusive leadership model paradigms.


The underpinning philosophy to both my workplace bullying and replacing toxic cultures with kind leadership work, is mental and physical wellbeing, so I do a lot of work in that arena too.

Since starting this work in September 2020, I have had the privilege of providing support and expertise to individuals and institutions from both the healthcare and legal sectors, in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


To learn more about how I can help you or your organization, please book a free rapport call with me using the button below. You can also click it to book a paid coaching session if you already know you'd like to work with me!

“Adam is a fantastic coach who really invests and develops you. He is generous with his time and goes the extra mile. His approach is friendly yet professional and he has a wealth of knowledge. A great coach who I cannot recommend highly enough, particularly for physicians 10/10.”


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